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Studies have shown that rehab programs are successful in helping individuals overcome alcohol and drug addictions. That is, using a structured treatment program makes addicts more likely to recover for a long period of time without experiencing frequent relapses. Experts are still debating on whether outpatient treatment programs are as effective as residential rehab facilities. Research findings on this specific topic have been varied.

However, most agree that the more severe a person’s addiction and the longer it has gone on, the more treatment they will need. Some type of rehab program always works better than an addict trying to solve their own alcoholism and drug abuse problems alone.

Different treatment programs work for different people, so it’s very important to take care in choosing the facility that will work best for a specific individual. People have unique needs for addiction treatment based on their situation and psychology. While an outpatient treatment program may be the help that one person needs to recover from addiction and get a new lease on life, many others simply don’t succeed without long-term residential rehabilitation.

Inpatient treatment programs are most successful for individuals who have tried to stop the addiction in the past and failed one or more times. Previous relapses are a big sign of a more significant addiction problem. They need to be in a safe living environment free from the things and people that trigger their addiction at home. It’s necessary for them to learn new tools and coping skills for creating a new lifestyle for themselves.

Outpatient treatment programs are generally only recommended for people who only have a recent history of alcoholism and drug abuse. The patterns of addiction have not been as ingrained in their lifestyle as the more severe addict. These people are able to remain living at home and get addiction treatment and counseling at a center on certain days.

Unfortunately, detox centers that don’t do much more that help an addict through the initial withdrawal period from drugs and alcohol are not as successful. Their success rate is the same as if the individual were to try to quit on their own, which is not very good.

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