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California is the most populated state in the US with about 36.5 million people living in it. California is also exposed to the best of both worlds, i.e. the worlds of virtue and evil, and hence it is not surprising that the alcohol addiction and drug addiction problem in California is one of the worst in America, all other states taken into account.

Each year, about 190,000 people in California seek treatments in the different drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers present within the state. At a rough estimation, this means for every 195 Californians, 1 person needs treatment for some kind of substance abuse problem each year. Now, if that isn’t an alarming figure, what is?The Treatment Episode Data Set estimated that 184,206 people in California had to check in to drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers within the state for substance abuse. These people had different degrees of alcohol and drug addictions and a significant number of them had problems coping with both alcoholism as well as drug addiction.

When the breakup between alcohol and drug addiction was analyzed, it was found that 9.1% of these people had checked in for purely alcohol addiction treatment. Among the drugs abused in California, heroin was at the top position, with 18.7% of the people checking in for alcohol rehab in California being users of this drug. The addiction of heroin was followed by marijuana at 13.6% and then by cocaine at 11.6%. These numbers show clearly the distribution of drug addiction within the state.

Rehab centers in California are using such figures to analyze the extent of the problem and to come up with suitable solutions to treat them.

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