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Most people stay away from drug rehab treatment programs because they know that they will not be allowed to use drugs once they are into the program. They are so hooked onto these drugs that they do not want to stay away from their addictions.

They fail to see the larger picture that these drug rehab centers will pull these people out of these same addictions that are ruling their lives currently.Such people want to know whether they will be allowed to use drugs during treatment. This question arises because of the strong withdrawal symptoms that people fear will happen with them when they start with the detox. They want to believe that when the withdrawal really goes out of hand, the therapists may concede and allow them to use a little of the drug.

However, no real drug rehab center will allow such a use after the person is into the treatment program, whatever the nature of the withdrawal symptoms may be. This may seem to be a very aggressive approach, but the treatment needs to be so aggressive if it has to be effective.

What can create hope in you if you are thinking on these lines is that the withdrawal symptoms will become drastic only if you have been using the drug for a very long period. It also depends on your overall body resistance. Everyone who goes into a drug rehab program will not go into cold turkey.

What’s more important is that you must inculcate a determination in yourself. Only then can you come back to healthy living. That determination must be to never use the drugs again.

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