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The family program is included in every aftercare therapy of every alcohol and drug rehab treatment in Colorado. However if there is an intervention program involved, then the family program will begin much earlier, right from the stage where the family is trained by the intervention specialist to help the addict come over the denial phase and seek an adequate treatment program. Training the family is considered to be of profound significance to the overall addiction treatment program in Colorado. The following are the main points why such deep emphasis is laid on involving the family into the treatment program.

1. The family is fully equipped to make the person understand that he or she is into a dependency but that treatment can solve the issue. Interventionists will train families to make the person understand that they will stand by him and to moralize him or her that the detox program in Colorado is not as bad as it seems. In that way, the family can actually bring a denying person into treatment.
2. The family is also coached on how to overcome codependency issues that can thwart the right kind of treatment programs from being available to the person.
3. Since there may be a lot of stress created within the family due to the addiction problem of the individual, the family needs to be coached on how to cope with the addiction. This includes training on understanding that addiction is a mental problem that the person cannot help and what they can actually do to make the treatment program sustainable.
4. The most important role of the family comes in the relapse prevention phase. They are coached on identifying the risk factors that can cause a relapse to happen and what they can do to avoid them.

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