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People from all over the world, including many from the celebrity circuit, come for treatment in the various centers of alcohol rehab in Hawaii. It is not just about the popularity of Hawaii as a vacation destination, but even the inpatient treatment program in Hawaii is much detailed and elaborate. It is this detailed form of addiction treatment in Hawaii that a person gets in an inpatient rehab that has people making a beeline here for their treatment.

The inpatient alcohol treatment in Hawaii follows three main aspects, even though each individual center will have a totally different form of treatment. The first step of treatment is a diagnostic analysis of the patient. During this part of the program, the person will be checked for internal health conditions and basically for the extent of addiction within the body. It is after this phase that a proper course of treatment will be chalked out for the patient.

The second part is the detox treatment. The detox treatment in Hawaii is the mainstay of the inpatient treatment. Here the patient is made to abstain from the substance, which will cause the patient to face withdrawal within a day or two. The strength of the withdrawal will depend on the extent and the nature of the addiction, but these pangs will be reduced through proper forms of medication.

Once the detox is through, which can take anywhere between three days to three weeks for all the pangs to subside, the patient is put into a counseling program where he or she is taught how to stay away from the addiction and how to effectively improve his or her lifestyle so that a relapse does not occur.

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