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Drug addiction courts, however much stringent they may appear to be, are contributing vastly to lessen the problem of substance abuse in Wisconsin. At least 98% of the people who have gone through drug addiction court programs have stayed sober for more than a year of the treatment and almost all of them have not reverted to crime and got rearrested. This is a very commendable achievement, considering that most people who are under drug addiction in Wisconsin do not take upon treatment measures favorably and remain stuck in their addiction till they hit bottom and something adverse happens.

However, the drug addiction courts are making these people come into treatment. When a person is convicted of a crime that was committed under the influence of a drug, the drug addiction court in Wisconsin will make it compulsory for them to attend a treatment program. This can also be seen in the case of minor offenses, such as when someone is caught for DUI, he or she is made to go through a school program for alcohol treatment in Wisconsin and their license is suspended until they can complete the program.

The main benefit is that these people are being brought into treatment. Additionally, such rulings are also lessening the rate of crime that is committed under the influence of drugs in the state. If these people were merely arrested, they would revert to their addiction and crime as soon as they are released. However, this becomes an effective alternative to treat the problem on a broader perspective.

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