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Principally speaking, there is no difference between meth rehab and any other form of drug rehab treatment in Oregon. However, there are subtle differences in the implementation. Let us first see why meth addiction needs to be looked at with special attention.

Meth or methamphetamine is one of the most popular drugs in the youth scene in Oregon today. Available in nightclubs and such other areas, meth is known for its very high sense of euphoria. Users claim meth has a slight aphrodisiac effect too. Though this may increase the pleasure, it will also increase the risk of HIV infection in users, mainly because meth is mostly used on a shared basis. Due to its strong impact on the nervous system, it is very difficult to shake out of a meth addiction.

That is the reason why the meth rehab in Oregon is such an aggressive program. Though the treatment itself is not any different, it goes on for a long time, especially the detox part, as the person will continue experiencing the withdrawal effects for a long time. Otherwise, the program consists of a pretreatment analysis, the detox and then the aftercare program. Normal detox treatment in Oregon is completed within three to seven days, but meth detox can go on up to three weeks even.

Also, the aftercare treatment provided is different. After the detoxification treatment in Oregon is completed, the person is not allowed to move into an outpatient treatment program, but is recommended to get into an exhaustive aftercare program. This is a very comprehensive form of treatment along with counseling designed at making the person come totally out of the meth addiction and reduce the possibility of a relapse.

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