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It is very difficult to peg an exact length of time for which you will be in your drug rehab. The drug rehab can take as many days as required to totally eliminate the toxicity of the drug from the body of the addict, or it can take much more than that if there are certain factors that are not easily identifiable.

It is justified to say that drug rehabilitation will take a much longer time if the person has been in the drug addiction for a longer period of time. Also, if there is a responsible family member who agrees to provide drug intervention to the patient, then the patient will be back home from the drug rehab in a considerably shorter period of time.The least amount of time that a person will have to stay in a drug rehabilitation center would be three days. This is the time required to remove most of the milder drugs from the body. However, this is quite a rare situation. With a strong addiction like that of heroin or methamphetamine (crystal meth), the period could be at least seven days. But this is only the period required for the detox program. Generally, the drug addiction treatment centers will embark upon a medicinal, counseling and lifestyle training program after the detox is over. That is the reason why the person will have to stay in the rehab much longer than the detox period actually requires. In case there is able monitoring and care at home, the person can be discharged early.

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