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Prescription drugs are meant to be used to allieviate the symptoms of a disease, but as with any other drug, many people have begun to suffer from prescription drug abuse, such as oxycontin. These drugs can have major effects - here are some statistics on prescription drug abuse.

2.5% of the population of the United States have abused opiate pain relievers such as oxycontin. This makes approximately 6 million people age 12 and up. The majority of these people were from 18-25 years. They show the most risk of gaining a lifelong addiction. Often, the only way to head off this trend is to enlist the help of drug addiction treatment centers.

Stimulant prescription drug abuse has also increased – 8.6% of seniors in high school have spoken of using amphetamine, which is a parent class of drugs that includes methamphetamine, used for crystal meth). Prescription drugs used for attention defecit disorder, such as Ritalin, are also used among high school students, with 4.4% of them reporting abuse of methylphenidate.
The abuse of prescription drugs in 2004, for the first time, (with 2.4 million people from 12 and up using them) surpassed those who abused marijuana – there were 21 million people who abused marijuana, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.
In the same time of that year, there were about 9.5% of 12th graders who abused the medicine called Vicodin, with 5.5% abusing Oxycontin for non-medical purposes. This shows an overall increase.

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