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If you or someone that you know has been in an alcohol or drug rehab program in Nevada but has now relapsed into the addiction, then you can say that the program has failed. Though Nevada has a very elaborate plan for drug and alcohol rehab that it has formulated from the national guidelines and from inspiration from other state programs, such failures can happen. This does not reflect the inadequacy of the addiction treatment program in Nevada, but it points at the failing of the person himself or herself to keep up with the aftercare program. The solution is to put the person again into a drug rehab in Nevada, but this time it is important to ask a few questions before doing so.

The following is a list of things that must be got cleared before the person is readmitted to a drug or alcohol rehab in Nevada.

1. Was the previous program really adequate for the patient? There are various kinds of programs working in the state, and it is not necessary that every program will be suitable for everyone. Probably the previous program did not work for the patient. In that case, you need to speak with the substance abuse counselor who will guide you on what a suitable program will be,
2. Did the person follow the aftercare program diligently? One of the most important parts of the aftercare is the relapse prevention counseling. People who do not follow this program are highly likely to have a relapse soon.
3. Did the person follow the maintenance medication? Maintenance medication is provided to the patient so that he or she can keep up with sober living because this medication helps to keep the urge away.

Find out answers to these questions before entering the person into another rehabilitation program in Nevada so that this time the program becomes really effective.

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