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Emulating nationwide practices to curb the issue of alcohol addiction, the state of South Carolina has adopted the policy of making people go through a compulsory alcohol treatment program if they have been booked for driving under influence. All the people who are caught driving under the influence are a serious threat to the whole issue of alcohol addiction in South Carolina not just individually but also on a social scale. They may cause accidents due to their inebriation which will put not just theirs but others’ lives at risk as well. In order to mitigate this consequence, people who are booked under DUI are made to compulsorily undergo an alcohol addiction treatment program in South Carolina in a DUI school.

This program is known as the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program, better known by its acronym, ADSAP. This program has played a major role in reducing the problems of alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse in South Carolina. When a person is caught for DUI in this state, their license is suspended. In order to get their license active again, they have to complete the ADSAP program.

The program includes assessing the condition of the drivers, educating them about alcohol addiction and its consequences and intervening in their treatment if required. The treatment program in South Carolina has understood that merely fining or imprisoning DUI offenders does not have any benefits because these people won’t give up their addictions by these measures and hence will be involved in accidents again. But this method of alcohol intervention in South Carolina has helped immensely to mitigate this problem.

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