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Dual diagnosis has been implemented in the addiction treatment program in Arizona for a long time now. Generally, the dual diagnosis treatment method is used when people have two problems that need treatment, and which influence each other. In the field of substance addiction, dual diagnosis may mean the treatment of the addiction along with a psychiatric problem. In most centers for drug rehab in Arizona where dual diagnosis is implemented, the secondary problem is generally of a psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, phobias, etc. The treatment must meet the requirements of addiction recovery as well as recovery from these psychiatric problems because one of them influences the other.

The treatment is definitely as sensitive as it appears to be, because the rehab center is usually in a fix what kind of treatment must be started first. This would certainly be decided on a case to case basis, but in most cases, the first part of the treatment program would be detoxification. This paves the way for the addiction treatment. Withdrawal pangs are answered medically and under medical supervision. When the detox is completed, the person is put into psychiatric care. The psychotherapist will look after the mental illness issues and gauge how deep the situation is, and what kind of treatment would be necessary.

For people with mental afflictions, mere addiction treatment in Arizona has been proved to be futile because people who cannot control their mind are very likely to have a relapse. That is the reason such people must be treated only through the sensitive program of the dual diagnosis.

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