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Due to its specific geographical position at the very edge of the nation on the Western Coast, the state of Alaska is very vulnerable to an influx of drugs from other parts of the world.

A matter of greater concern is that Alaska is not only a grave victim of drug addiction itself, but it is also a point of entry for controlled substances from other parts of the world to the US and even Canada. At the same time, Alaska is a heavy producer of marijuana and even synthetic club drugs such as methamphetamine and Ecstasy which makes the situation phenomenally dangerous. The extremely high rates of suicide, crime and alcohol addiction in Alaska are directly related to the drug problem.In Alaska, there are more than adequate options for all kinds of drug rehabilitation. Basic on the specific drugs prevalent in the state, they are grouped in marijuana rehab, cocaine rehab, heroin rehab and methamphetamine rehab in Alaska. Marijuana rehab in Alaska is the most prominent drug rehab in the state because of the widespread use of this drug here. The prevalence of opioid drugs in Alaska, including that of heroin addiction has decreased in recent years, but these have been replaced by newer drugs like oxycontin and methamphetamine.

You can easily find resources for drug rehab in Alaska over the Internet. There is a surfeit of drug rehab centers in the three cities of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau, but you will also find a few rehab centers in Copper Center, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Kotzebue, Sand Point and Wasilla among other places.

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