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Contrary to popular opinion, the addiction treatment program in Wisconsin does not end with the detox program or rather, the entire inpatient treatment that the person may get. This program is definitely much more extensive than that. The inpatient treatment program mainly tries to treat the person’s body out of the addiction. But it is known that the addiction within a person does not lie in the person’s body but it does within the mind. So as long as the person’s mind is not treated to snap out of the habit, the person’s addiction treatment in Wisconsin cannot be considered to be completed.

Every treatment center in Wisconsin has its own aftercare program. Depending on the condition of the patient before and during the treatment, the patient will be recommended to either an outpatient treatment program or a residential treatment program for the aftercare. In an outpatient treatment program, the main thing that will be done is to counsel the patient on how to stay away from the risk factors that can cause an addiction. The residential treatment program aftercare is more severe, because here the patient will be housed in a community format with several other recovering patients and a full-fledged treatment program will be carried out to ensure that the patient does not get back into the addiction. In both these treatment programs, the patient is provided maintenance medication to help them in staying sober after the treatment.

The length of the programs could vary. Some residential treatment programs for severe cases, such as methamphetamine addiction in Wisconsin, could even go on to even a year after the inpatient treatment is completed.

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