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There is a very important focus on the family of the person who is undergoing any kind of addiction treatment in Michigan. The treatment program in Michigan understands that when a person is trying to cope with a drug problem, it is not just the person that is affected, but also the people who are connected closely with the person, which mostly includes the family. Substance abuse resources in Michigan estimate that, on an average, a single person’s addiction can affect at least four more people. These are mostly the people who are living under the same roof as the person who is with the addiction.

That is the reason why the addiction treatment program in Michigan extends to the family of the patient too. The major reasons for this are as follows:-
1. Families that do not know how to cope with a drug problem will likely make the problem more severe. There are families where the addicts are held responsible for their condition and there are constant arguments and spats over the issue. Such sparring within families will only weaken them internally and take the person deeper into the addiction.
2. Members of the family, especially the minors, need special care and counseling if there are people consuming drugs within the house. The family program includes help and support to children whose parents are deep into drug addiction, and also to their spouses.
3. Families may fuel the addiction by acting as codependents. When they hide the addiction of the person from society, they are actually encouraging the addiction. They need to be counseled on how they can avoid doing this.
4. They also need to be trained on how to cope with the treatment, including training on relapse prevention methods.

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