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Anger is an emotion that is frequently associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Some people develop an addiction to avoid feeling certain things.

Anger can be very unpleasant to deal with, especially if you don’t have the skills for managing it effectively. Acts of violence are much more likely among people who have been drinking or using drugs. They are also more likely to commit crimes. Addiction also creates anger in family members and friends, which can exacerbate the situation.Drug rehab programs can help addicts learn healthy methods for managing feelings of anger. If this is an issue and it isn’t taken care of, the individual will likely relapse when they are once again unable to deal with their anger. The same is true of any problem that remains unresolved. Individual counseling in a treatment center can provide addicts with the tools that are necessary to avoid this outcome. Group therapy can also be helpful, as many people deal with this same problem. Patients can share experiences and practice effective responses with each other while they are in the safe environment of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

The feeling of anger is complex. It can be triggered by various things in life, but it usually boils down to not having your expectations met in some way. This can cause you to want to fight back at the source that you feel wronged you. Alcohol and drug abuse plays a big role in this emotion because these substances often have a quality of intensifying the anger response. The same situation can be perceived much more strongly when a person is dealing with substance abuse as compared to when they are clear headed. Realizing that you are in control of your own anger is the key to managing it, and rehab programs can help you do this.

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