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The detox program in Iowa is considered to be a very important element of the entire treatment program but by no means is it the complete treatment program. When a person undergoes the detox treatment, basically it is the body of the person that is undergoing treatment. This is the process where the toxins accumulated in the person’s body are removed through medical methods. Depending on the nature of the addiction and the physical and mental constitution of the patient, the detox treatment in Iowa can take anywhere between three days and three weeks.

However, the addiction treatment program in Iowa does not stop at the detox. The main abode of an addiction is the mind of the person. Unless and until the tendency for the substance is not eliminated from the mind, the person will never be effectively out of the addiction. Hence, once the detox treatment is over, the patient is led into an aftercare treatment program in Iowa.

This aftercare program will vary in length according to the effects that the person shows during the treatment. Also, the aftercare could either be in an outpatient treatment setting or in a residential treatment center, depending on how the treatment has been. The basic element of this aftercare program is to provide a maintenance medication to the person so that the person continues to stay away from the substance, and also to mentally condition and prepare the patient in order to resist any further urges for using the substance.

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