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Dual diagnosis is the method of treating addiction problems in people who also have some kinds of mental complications. Today, dual diagnosis is a very important part of the entire alcohol and drug addiction treatment program in Arizona. The reason behind such a program is that people with existing mental conditions will treat to drug and alcohol treatment in a very different manner. They may not even be completely receptive to the treatment. Since the crux of the treatment lies in arousing a determination in the patient to abstain from the substance, treatment of mentally affected patients becomes difficult because they are not in a position to work up this determination. That is the reason a wholly different program known as dual diagnosis is being used to treat drug and alcohol addiction in Arizona.

Dual diagnosis is mainly carried out in an inpatient as well as outpatient treatment format. The patient is first taken to an inpatient treatment center where a detox is carried out. This detox is no different from the normal detoxification program in Arizona. The main purpose of this program is to remove the toxins that are collected into the body of the patient during the addicted stage of life. After the detox is completed, the patient is taken to an outpatient treatment program where he or she is counseled on sober living. At the same time, a psychiatrist will analyze the mental condition of the patient and begin working on it. Thus, the addiction and the mental condition both are treated together in the dual diagnosis treatment program in Arizona.

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